WITS, LLC, delivers technology, training, and security solutions to commercial, not-for-profit, and government entities. Through our consulting, security, and training services, our customers will find the right solutions to challenging problems, achieve better performance, enhance personnel and asset security, and simplify business operations. Our company is dedicated to providing services that achieve your goals. WITS will work with you and diligently engage with your team to meet your needs on time and on budget. WITS is a brighter idea because we provide:

  • Personalized, custom solutions specific to your challenges, not one-size-fits-all approaches

  • Results that are paired with simple and effective processes

  • Requirements-driven consulting, focused on customer success

  • Comprehensive approaches to addressing security problems and mitigating threats and vulnerabilities for you and your company. WITS helps our clients BE safe, not just FEEL safe, in both physical and cyber security domains