Innovative IT Consulting Services

WITS, at it's core, has a mission to solve problems as they arise and proactively prevent them from happening in the first place. Our team is certified across various technologies and methods, including the following service offerings:

Microsoft Windows domains and networks
Linux workstations and back-end servers
• VMware virtualization
• IT project management
• ITIL® service delivery

Security Services

The WITS cadre and network of close partners maintains experienced professionals in both the cyber and physical security domains. WITS can provide the following tools to your organization:

• Network penetration testing
• Vulnerability assessment
• VIP security assessments and solutions
• Physical security assessments of offices and other facilities
• Multilingual social media and web monitoring analysis
• Investigation and threat management services
• Global asset and personnel tracking
• Global emergency response coordination
• Protective services

Training & Education

WITS has strong resources in providing training services and educating both existing personnel and aspiring individuals who seek to better themselves. WITS can provide support and the following tools to any organization:

• Instructional and Classroom Technical Design
• IT training and instruction
• Organizational and Employee Development
• Linux Plus preparation courses